Jul 15, 2014

Where did we go wrong

It's been so long since I bothered this blog with my ramblings. It's been busy times followed by empty times but the mind was too distracted and busy for any form of catharsis. My brother posted something about writing an app to prevent blogging when inebriated about a week ago but where will we go if we stifle this too.
Growing up fast is a disease. An incurable one at that. My mom called me the oldest sixteen year old in the world. Never felt anything back then but I guess it's something that sticks with you. I feel like the oldest twenty five year old today. I love and respect all that's gone into giving me the liberty and luxury today in my life, but I can't help but wonder, who decided this is how it should be?
There's always the next milestone and the next assignment waiting for us. Going with the flow saves us from the momentary worries but comes back to haunt twice as bad in my opinion. My life took me from wanting to be an author to a painter to a pilot to a musician to a doctor to a shippy. And here I am listening to people say I was born to be this IT geek that I am. I love my job and this life, but at some point I would want it to be about what I think is necessary and what I think is important. It should not be about the next deliverable or the next promotion or the next assignment no matter what field you work in.
You can keep planning and delivering all life long. When you realize that you can't live up to the promises you made to your loved one though, or wake up more than thrice a week wondering what you're doing.. It's on you.. only you 

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