Jul 15, 2014

Our great nation

I finally published a post I'd written long back.. I'd completely forgotten about it.. Lot's of exciting stuff happening in my life and hence.. once again.. this hiatus from my blog...

Saw a funny debate on times now tonight about juvenile offenders.. The panel tends to get very loud and defensive focussing on what the other panelist said loudly rather than the issue.. It's like one of those college group discussions gone wrong or MTV roadies GD (based on what i've seen on television) where it turns into a bad debate where you must belittle the other's ideas rather than make realistic sense..

Why must we reinvent the wheel? The defending spokesperson made an age old proven point (via many documentaries and bollywood/hollywood movies) that undeserved hard penalisation cultivates hardened criminals.. The age old vicious circle you can call it.. The other panelists made the point that just a number (Age) can't be the only deciding factor.. They put it as "the heinous nature of the crime and the awareness and understanding of the juvenile must be taken into account"...

I just don't get how this is even a debate.. Neither of the sides are saying something ridiculous but that show absolutely was ridiculous..

Why not resort to degrees? A first degree crime if proven will have a particular set of laws regardless of age.. Whereas a second degree crime won't attract the same penalty.. It's an old concept..

A court judgement doesn't reach one citizen at a time.. it reaches potentially more than a billion people in our great nation..

A person, able of committing an intentional crime knowing it's consequences and still doing it willingly is "probably" more likely to be a repeat offender no matter what the age and what the punishment.. I don't understand how 17 yrs, 11 months, and 29 days is different from 18 years when it comes to such a case..

Everybody knows what the problems are in our nation today.. Experts don't need to highlight that sensationally.. Any one of us can do that.. We look up to you for realistic and fair solutions.. As a leader or manager i would never hire a person who highlights problems 24/7 and albeit is very active and passionate about the problems, he/she is unknowingly just adding to the problem.. I'll go for a person who offers a solution (it may be an effective solution or may be a disaster) and doesn't just whine about the state of affairs. This very approach needs to become our culture.. Our culture shouldn't be based on history or a religion.. A culture should be what it means.. What all of us partake in today.. How we make decisions and how we govern our present day actions.. It should be an optimistic and problem solving culture rather than an indifferent or complaining culture

If you have views (which i'm sure you do) on the matter, please write away in the comments :)

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