Sep 27, 2010

Look what i found - Outlook lost its memory

I ran into an interesting thing while using MS Outlook at work today. I use Outlook 2007 but it seems outlook is either a female lying bout her age or it has lost its memory. I color marked an email today and in the header it said (colored by Outlook 2003 Red flag).

Anybody else notice this before?

Sep 22, 2010

One Year - Itz Goood

So i completed one full year at Cybage today. It's pretty much been awesome except a few (bad, major) hiccups.. and lately i've learnt to understand its not all my fault (it's an excuse, seabiscuit never used any).. To all those who've been close to me, you know how much i love that story and that horse and how much i use him as an excuse..

So life changed, lotsa horses runnin in front of me.. ran fast.. came ahead.. but laggin behind again.. I like to make myself believe i'm goin easy right now and lettim em all go ahead.. i'll be back into my own and surge ahead again for a photo finish.. It's now that i'm kinda realising that i mostly just ease up and run hard just a fraction of the time..

A promise is worthless if it's just a promise of greatness.. A lot of people have had faith in me and it's time i start learning the words "consistency", "motivation", "faith" and "ACTUALLY DELIVERING AND DOING WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO".

Now there's a good chance that i'm not the real deal.. probably just a one hit wonder or something.. But tonight i'm not ready to accept that.. not gonna believe that.. it's always good to be reminded that you've hit some kinda milestone.. it reminds you of the big picture.. makes you think ahead.. motivates or depresses you.. but in the end it's your choice.. I still don't have any clear goal or plan.. but my dear friends.. i'm here to stay.. and i'm gonna start the sprint now.. so if you think this is the final stretch and i'm already out of the race think again.. i'm just starting to warm up.. hold on tight!!