Apr 9, 2010


Back when I started my 7th semester at Panipat (2008) I started this blog for my Final Year Project thinking i'll post all the details and challenges i face in making the project. Turns out i wrote the first post and never wrote after that (had quite a few life changing experiences). The project went well and i had too much fun throughout the year and hence the zero posts. I deleted that post today, the blog is no more bout that project.

I am as confused as any other 22 year old out there today if not more. Ok, well i am more confused than the rest i admit. We all have seen a phase in life where we reach the stage of 1 brilliant idea/sec. it all seems so clear with every subsequent brilliant idea that i end up planning everything and doing nothing till the next idea captivates me.

This blog shall map out all my musings and brilliant ideas henceforth and i will be regular with my postings (new idea and plan). The blog's been reborn and hence the new name "Renovatio".

Everyone's welcome to mock and have a good laugh. अतिथि देवो भव!

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