Apr 10, 2010

Age and Speed..

Age 11
I drive my dad's car (Maruti 800) and bang it into our gate

Age 14
I officially learn how to drive the car and drive impeccably with no accidents (touch wood, specially with the races with aman)

Age 15
I get a two wheeler (Honda Activa) and again, drive real nice.. no accidents (touch wood)

Age 16 
I'm sitting behind my good friend Nikhil roaming around on his kinetic.. WHAM!! i fly over the divider..

Age 17
Kuky bangs a buddha going at 90.. I act budhdha and try and manage everything..

Age 20
I drive half way to karnal and then sit pillion with Ashish on his bike (Hero Honda Karizma).. WHAM!! i fly into the back of a truck

Age 22 (today)
Mihir bangs a budhdha going at 60 (or so he says).. I being the real budhdha, manage everything..

Moral of the story
On the time axis, my speed (boyishness, rebel, fun), down..
My speed of getting older, way up..
Me posting such a thing, i'm getting really boring


ABHINAV said...

hehe ..nyc exp dude :)

Mihir Khatwani said...

Update your blog dude its been a long time

Ketu said...


pathik said...

bang into another buddha, n ritik will get a chance to update the blog again @ mihir